The California Planning Roundtable (CPR) is an organization of experienced planning professionals who are members of the American Planning Association (APA). Membership is balanced between the public and private sectors and between Northern and Southern California.

Our Vision

The California Planning Roundtable advances planning practice and influences policy through innovation and leadership to create healthy, prosperous and equitable communities.

What's New

Read the Roundtable's 2015 Annual Report

Featured Project

Healthy Communities Workgroup

The California Planning Roundtable Healthy Communities work group strives to provide tools and resources to assist planners in informing Californians about why the places where we live, work, play and learn have an inherent effect on community and individual health.

Recent Publications

2015 Annual Report

The Roundtable has released its Annual Report for 2015. Included are highlights from our 2015 meetings, membership updates and more.

Infill Impact Fees

An article by CPR member Marc Roberts explores how to encourage infill through the design of impact fees.

Social Determinants of Health for Planners

Read CPR Healthy Communities Work Group's recent publication of the Social Determinants of Health for Planners.