Ann Cheng

Ann Cheng Ann supports regional, transit, local and state agencies in coordinating strategic transformative paradigm shifts in policy and governance to provide healthy affordable mobility to places in the greatest need and to build affordable homes near job centers and places of opportunity. She has twenty years of expertise in shifting paradigms to accelerate climate protection and equity with land use and transportation policies in partnership with state, regional, local governments and transit agencies. She is experienced managing major change with diverse communication tools and transparent decision-making. Ann is the founding director of –a low traffic development certification program for new multifamily residential development that encourages less driving by reduced parking and incentives like free transit passes and carshare. Over 7,000 units have been certified reducing over 1,000 parking spaces. Free transit passes offered by private developers have leveraged $26 million in private capital for public transit. Multiple cities, BART and VTA use GreenTRIP in their development policies. Ann created the GreenTRIP Parking Database ( released in 2014. The only database of its kind in the nation with detailed data on low parking projects. In 2017 Ann worked with the Center for Neighborhood Technology to create GreenTRIP Connect ( a free online map-based tool that allows anyone – developers, community members and government officials -- to see the benefits of locating housing in walkable areas near transit. OPR recommends California cities to use Connect to help with communications, outreach and analysis for General Plan updates. Past Agency Collaborators and Clients California HCD, CARB, OPR, Caltrans, MTC, BART, AC Transit, Caltrain, VTA, SFMTA, SCAG, LA Metro, BAAQMD. Cities of San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Walnut Creek, Berkeley, Palo Alto, El Cerrito, Emeryville, East Palo Alto, Richmond, Pittsburg, Belmont, Vallejo, San Diego. Presentations Shared Use Mobility Summit, Rail~Volution, California APA, Lake Arrowhead Symposium, Climate One, SCAG, SVEDA, Bay Area Planning Director’s Association and ULI - SF.

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