Sierra At Risk

CPR Project Team:

  • Janet Fairbanks, Project Manager
  • Stan Hoffman, Grant Manager
  • Paul Crawford, Report Editor
  • Linda Dalton, Susan DeSantis, Tom Jacobson, Woodie Tescher, Mark Winogrond

Sierra at Risk is a joint project of the Sierra Nevada Regional Initiative (SNRI), the California Planning Roundtable, and the California Planning Foundation. Aimed at increasing public awareness about the problems facing the Sierra region, and improving the effectiveness of intergovernmental coordination, public involvement, and land use decisions, the project began for CPR in 1999. During the year 2000, CPR worked with Andrea Lawrence, director of SNRI and a former Mono County Supervisor, and the California Planning Foundation to obtain a grant from the David and Lucille Packard Foundation. In late 2000, CPR member Mark Winogrond authored a call to action (Sierra Endangered). In 2001, CPR members worked with SNRI and the California Planning Foundation in 2001 to conduct an intensive workshop in June Lake California, and sponsor a panel presentation at the annual conference of the California Chapter of the American Planning Association.

The report by SNRI, CPR, and CPF on the June Lake workshop, its objectives and conclusions, may be accessed below. Also available are the original call to action, and the appendix to the report on the June Lake workshop with the proceedings of the workshop.