Roundtable Membership

The California Planning Roundtable has 34 positions for permanent members, with 28 evenly divided between Northern and Southern California, and the public and private sectors. Four of the remaining positions are reserved for members from academic institutions, and two are for members from agencies of the state or federal governments.

A member who decides to leave the Roundtable after five full years of service is eligible for emeritus status, which allows attendance at Roundtable meetings and participation in projects, but does not include the ability to vote on issues before the membership. The current president of the California Chapter of the American Planning Association also sits on the Roundtable as an ex-officio member.

Current Officers

President : Bernadette Austin
Past President : Miguel A. Vazquez, AICP
Treasurer : Marc Roberts
Vice President, Communications : Susan Harden, FAICP, LEED AP, CMSM, CNU-A
Vice President, Operations : Alice Chen, AICP
Vice President, Programs : Haydee Urita-Lopez
APA California Ex-Officio Member : Andrea Ouse, AICP

Current Members

Member Employer Member Since Area/Notes
William Anderson, FAICP
San Diego, CA
2008 South/Private
Bernadette Austin
Davis, CA
2019 North/Private
Vince Bertoni, AICP
Planning Director
City of Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
2006 South/Public
Beth Burks, AICP
Executive Director
Humboldt County Association of Governments
Eureka, CA
2023 North/Public
Erik Calloway, AICP
Managing Director
ChangeLab Solutions
Oakland, CA
2019 North/Private
Alice Chen, AICP (In Transition)
Oakland, CA
2015 North/Private
Ann Cheng
Ann Cheng Consulting, LLC
El Cerrito, CA
2019 North/Private
Elaine Costello, FAICP
City Planning Consultant
SAN MATEO, CA 1997 North/Public
Remy De La Peza, Esq.
Founder, Principal
morena strategies
Pasadena, CA
2021 South, Private
Jeanette Dinwiddie-Moore, FAICP
Dinwiddie & Associates
Oakland, CA
2011 North/Private
Suzanne Hague
Sustainable, Equitable Communities & Housing Expert
California Air Resources Board
Sacramento, CA
2017 State/Federal
Managing Principal
Orange, CA
2012 South/Private
Hanson Hom, AICP
Assistant City Manager
City of Sunnyvale
Sunnyvale, CA
2013 North/Public
Shawnika Johnson
Principal Planner
Innovative Planning
2023 South/Private
Julia Lave-Johnston
Director, Education Services
Sacramento, CA
2021 North/Private
Kacey Lizon
Deputy Executive Director, Planning & Programs
Sacramento Area Council of Governments
Sacramento, CA
2016 North/Public
Simran Malhotra, AICP, Assoc. AIA
Raimi + Associates
Los Angeles, CA
2011 South/Private
Andrea Ouse, AICP
Director of Community and Economic Development
City of West Sacramento
West Sacramento, CA
2018 North/Public
Mirle Rabinowitz-Bussell UC San Diego
- -
Mark Rhoades, AICP
Rhoades Planning Group
Berkeley, CA
2011 North/Private
Marc Roberts
Formerly City of Livermore
2014 North/Public
Terry Roberts
Formerly Air Resources Board
Pasadena, CA
2013 State/Federal
Richard Rojas, AICP
Deputy City Manager
City of Norwalk
Norwalk, CA
2019 South/Public
Laura Stetson, AICP
San Diego, CA
2011 South/Private
Linda Tatum, AICP
Assistant City Manager
City of Long Beach
Long Beach, CA
2005 South/Public
Tanisha Taylor
Chief Deputy Director
California Transportation Commission
Sacramento, CA
2016 North/Public
Woodie Tescher
Principal, Planning and Urban Design
Los Angeles, CA
1997 South/Private
Haydee Urita-Lopez
Principal City Planner
Los Angeles City Planning
Los Angeles, CA
2021 South/Public
Miguel A. Vazquez, AICP
Health Equity Urban Regional Planner
Riverside University Health System - Public Health
Riverside, CA
2011 South/Public
Regina Celestin Williams
Executive Director
2023 North/Private

Emeritus Members

Member Employer Member Since Status
Alexander Amoroso, AICP
Principal Planner
City of Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
2003 Emeritus
Carol Barrett, FAICP
Formerly, City of Burbank
Retired, formerly Burbank, CA
2012 Emeritus
David Booher, FAICP Davis, CA 1980 Emeritus
Jeffry Carpenter, AICP
Los Angeles, CA 1981 Emeritus
William Claire, AICP Claire Associates
Solvang, CA
1980 Emeritus
Coleen Clementson
SANDAG Deputy CEO – Planning, Projects, & Programs
San Diego Association of Governments
San Diego, CA
2012 Emeritus
Cathy E. Creswell
Sacramento, CA 2002 Emeritus
Linda C. Dalton, PhD, FAICP
Professor Emerita, City and Regional Planning
Formerly Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
2002 Emeritus
Thomas Davis, AICP
Former Chief Planning and Development Officer
Prescott, AZ
2012 Emeritus
Susan DeSantis
SDS Associates
Newport Coast, CA
1985 Emeritus
Fred Dock, AICP 2015 Emeritus
David Early, AICP, LEED-AP
Senior Advisor
Berkeley, CA
2000 Emeritus
S. Gail Goldberg, AICP
Executive Director
ULI Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
2003 Emeritus
Wayne Goldberg, AICP 1988 Emeritus
Keith Gurnee Urbadigm
2008 Emeritus
Al Herson, FAICP
Sohagi Law Group
Sacramento, CA
2000 Emeritus
Sharon Hightower Hightower/Associates
Claremont, CA
1997 Emeritus
Alex Hinds
Managing Consultant
Center for Sustainable Communities
Rohnert Park, CA
- Emeritus
Thomas Jacobson, FAICP
Professor Emeritus, Department of Geography, Environment, and Planning
Sonoma State University
Rohnert Park, CA
2000 Emeritus
Vivian Kahn, FAICP
Dyett & Bhatia
Santa Rosa, CA
1986 Emeritus
Naphtali Knox, FAICP 1989 Emeritus
Jeffrey Lambert, AICP
Community Development Director
City of Ventura
Ventura, CA
2008 Emeritus
Tony Lashbrook
Town Manager
Town of Truckee
Truckee, CA
2005 Emeritus
Marjorie Macris, FAICP
Mill Valley, CA 1993 Emeritus
Sandra Massa-Lavitt Seal Beach, CA 1999 Emeritus
Michael McCoy
Conservation and Sustainable Communities Policy Advisor
California Strategic Growth Council
Winters, CA
2000 Emeritus
Larry Mintier, FAICP Mintier & Associates
Sacramento, CA
1986 Emeritus
Michael Moore Retired
1997 Emeritus
H. Pike Oliver, AICP
Scottsdale, AZ
1980 Emeritus
Steven A. Preston, FAICP
Formerly - City of San Gabriel
1997 Emeritus
James Rojas Alhambra, CA 2006 Emeritus
Marvin D. Roos
Director of Design Development
MSA Consulting, Inc.
Rancho Mirage, CA
2001 Emeritus
Victor Rubin
2006 Emeritus
Janet Ruggiero, FAICP
De La Salle Institute
1981 Emeritus
David Salazar, FAICP
Founder, Executive Director
Long Beach Community Design Center
2001 Emeritus
R. Ann Siracusa, AICP Santee, CA 1995 Emeritus
Joan Sollenberger
Chief, Office of Strategic Development
Division of Traffic Operations
California Department of Transportation
2002 Emeritus
Susan Stoddard, PhD, FAICP
Larkspur, CA
1987 Emeritus
Matthew Taecker, AIA AICP
Senior Associate
San Francisco, CA
2005 Emeritus
Richard Watson, AICP Richard Watson & Associates
Mission Viejo, CA
1980 Emeritus
Mark Winogrond, FAICP
Planmark Associates
Venice, CA
1997 Emeritus
Al Zelinka, FAICP, CMSM 2008 Emeritus