2020 Census

10 Questions
10 Minutes
10s of thousands of $$ per person at risk
50 days to get it right
September 30th the 2020 Census Count ends

COVID 19 has taught us many, very painful lessons that we do not want to repeat:

  • Insufficient medical facilities and medical essential workers and products close to where we live;
  • Under-resourced schools and many of our kids without basic educational equipment and supplies – wi-fi, computers/tablets, books for distance learning;
  • Inadequate housing options, resulting in overcrowded conditions and lack of adequate social distancing to prevent disease spread;
  • Under-resourced agencies that are challenged to quickly shift and meet increased service demands such as unemployment claims and safety net programs;
  • Scores of lives lost, many of whom could have been saved.

Make sure you are counted/your voice heard so we can plan for a better future! 

The probability of an undercount is very high!!  Let’s not experience poor quality of life conditions that an accurate population count and funding allocation can prevent!

Let’s get this Census count right and let’s do it now!!!

  • Complete your Census form today via email at https://census.ca.gov or tel:844-330-2020;
  • Reach out to your networks to encourage and help family members, friends, neighbors and coworkers complete their forms;
  • Volunteer with your local Complete Count committee (https://census.ca.gov/regions/) and help with phone banks and mailers and by adding your planning perspective and expertise.

This is a once in a decade opportunity and 2030 will be too late.