Al Herson, FAICP

Al Herson Al Herson is an environmental attorney and planner with over 35 years' experience. He is a recognized authority on the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), land use law, and natural resources law. Al serves as Sohagi Law Group's Sacramento presence, where he helps public agency clients prepare and defend CEQA and NEPA documents, General Plans, Regional Transportation Plans, and other planning documents. His clients include cities, counties, regional planning agencies, and water districts. Al is co-author of California Environmental Law and Policy: A Practical Guide (2nd edition), the CEQA Deskbook (2nd edition), and The NEPA Book, as well as CEQA and wetlands chapters in Matthew Bender's California Environmental Law treatise. He has led numerous courses and presentations on planning law, environmental law, CEQA, NEPA, and climate change, and is co-chair of CLE International's Annual CEQA Update conferences. His APA leadership roles include serving on the California and National Amicus Committees, and being a past-president of the APA California Chapter and the California Planning Roundtable.

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